佐藤ジン(Gin SATOH)

2016年「FENTY×PUMA BY RIHANNA COLLECTION」に写真作品が採用、全世界で発売。写真展多数。

写真展に「東京ロッカーズ」(新宿オリンパスギャラリー / 1985年)、「Zoning」(新宿オリンパスギャラリー / 1989年)、「Collaboration」(銀座電通ADギャラリー / 1990年)、「舞踏脈3人展」(神保町オリンパスギャラリー / 1999年)、「無音地上津波痕画」(光州ビエンナーレ / 2011)、「“生きることがつくること” 東日本大震災復興展」(アーツ千代田3331 / 2012年)、「TOKYO Underground」 (Avant Art Festival Wroclaw / 2016年)、「Tokyo Underground Revisited」(Doomed Gallery London / 2016年)、「 Action Portrait: IGGY POP」(BOOKMARC / 2017年 )、「GIG」 (Uptown Koenji Gallery / 2017年)、「Parergon: Japanese Art of the 1980s and 1990s」 (BLUM & POE Los Angeles / 2019年)等。

写真集に『GIG』(1986年)、『都市風景』(1991年)、私家版『無音地上津波痕画 Silence Geoglyph that Tsunami Drew』(2011年)、『IGGY POP by Gin SATOH』(2017年)、『GIG – Koenji Edition』(2017年)等。

Gin Satoh

Born 1948 in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan. In twenties, he stayed in the main island and the other islands of Okinawa prefecture, and took photographs of daily life right after Okinawa’s reversion to Japanese administration (1972). In thirties,
he took photographs of rock musicians, mainly punk rock musicians and published those photographs on magazines and newspapers. After that, he also started taking photographs of Butoh, contemporary arts and cityscape, intentionally excluding people from the scenes. He has travelled to many countries in Asia and Europe, and took photographs of the cities around
the world. Since 2011, he has been taking photographs of disaster and the reconstruction by The Great East Japan Earthquake. In 2016, his work was selected as part of the FENTY×PUMA BY RIHANNA COLLECTION worldwide campaign. He had held many exhibitions of the photographs.

Exhibitions: Tokyo Rockers (Shinjuku Olympus Gallery / 1985), Zoning (Shinjuku Olympus Gallery / 1989), Collaboration (Ginza Dentsu AD Gallery / 1990), Butohmyaku 3 persons (Jimbocho Olympus Gallery / 1999), Silence Geoglyph that Tsunami Drew (Gwangju Biennale / 2011),“Making as Living”The Exhibition of Great East Japan Earthquake Regeneration Support Action Project (Arts Chiyoda 3331 / 2012), TOKYO Underground (Avant Art Festival Wroclaw / 2016), Tokyo Underground Revisited (Doomed Gallery London / 2016), Action Portrait: IGGY POP (BOOKMARC / 2017), GIG (Uptown Koenji Gallery / 2017), Parergon: Japanese Art of the 1980s and 1990s (BLUM & POE Los Angeles / 2019) etc.

Photo books: GIG (1986), NEW YORK (1991), Silence Geoglyph that Tsunami Drew (2011), IGGY POP by Gin SATOH (2017), GIG – Koenji Edition (2017).